2019-2020 Grand Court Itinerary

Event Date
Capitol Court– GRM & GRP Official Visit and Initiation 11/1/2019
Grand Lodge (Guthrie) 11/8-9/2019
Grand Master's Apron Presentation 11/10/2019
Williams Gill– GRM & GRP Official Visit (Thanksgiving dinner at 6:30 & Meeting at 7:30) 11/19/2019
Sunshine– GRM & GRP Official Visit 11/26/2019
Ardmore– GRM & GRP Official Visit 12/1/2019
Capitol Court meeting & initiation 12/6/2019
February School of Instruction (Carter Maupin at 9:30; Lunch on your own) 2/22/2020
Missouri Grand Court (Springfield) 4/16-18-2020
Arkansas Grand Court (Fayetteville) 4/23-25/2020
74th Annual Oklahoma Grand Court (Oklahoma City) 5/14-16/2020
Installation of Grand Officers (Oklahoma City) 5/16/2020
123rd Supreme Assembly (Portland OR) 7/5-9/2020
Future Dates:
75th Annual Oklahoma Grand Court (Oklahoma City) 5/13-15/2021
124th Supreme Assembly (Tulsa OK) 7/11-15/2021
76th Annual Oklahoma Grand Court (Oklahoma City) 5/12-14/2022
125th Supreme Assembly (Stone Mountain GA) 2022